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Marine protection | Coastal Defense | Climate protection Environmental protection as a sustainable cultural project


Plan and implement environmental healing company strategies with the inclusion of cultural projects with SeaAirCompany


Strategies for Environment Healing Projects - Public Call!

The SeaAirCompany is one of the first actors to actually tender the topic of marine protection, coastal protection, climate protection, environmental protection as an environmentally healing cultural project for a referendum. We are happy to advise public bodies, municipalities through to government circles, parties, corporations and people in public life on ways to actively participate in order to give the faded issue of the environment a new meaning.

The SeaAirCompany is your partner with whom you can competently and reliably plan and implement environmentally healing strategies including cultural projects. This opens up completely new perspectives for them in private and business terms.


We would be happy to advise you: Your scientific advisory board

Talk to us as a friend of your home and form a strong solidarity community with the SeaAirCompany!





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