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SeaAirCompany, the elite unit for environmental healing projects | at sea | ashore | in the atmosphere

Marine protection | Coastal Defense | Climate protection Environmental protection as a sustainable cultural project


 The SeaAirCompany at work | With a click on this picture we will navigate you through the cultural scene of environmental protection


Environmental protection organization plus  |  Environment research & technology
The new environmental culture | at sea | ashore | in the atmosphere


In addition to the known environmental organizations:



Save the rainforest

Robin Wood


Nature Conservation Association Germany

Sea Shepherd


SeaAirCompany is positioning itself as a regional, national and international environmental protection organization with a completely new, independent environmental protection program. This creates the basis for a friendly, partnership-based cooperation with other environmental organizations. The SeaAirCompany is the first community-oriented actor who not only promotes environmental protection with a unique concept, but also inspires concepts that heal the environment through culture, art, urban, landscape and industrial planning. This gives environmental protection a whole new, far-reaching meaning!

The SeaAirCompany reflects a newly created environmental awareness through art & cultural projects in the public, board members, corporate administrations, national agencies, cities, municipalities, educational institutions and media institutions.

A new environmental culture faces the challenges of environmental influences that we humans have ultimately sparked through our consumer behavior. Our desires for an environment that has degenerated into life triggers unwanted environmental reactions. Still! The increasing population density is literally imposing a human-endangering reaction on our environment.

The SeaAirCompany intends to reflect on solutions in this process. The culture and art scene can become an emotional carrier of information for environmentally healing desires that correct, readjust and realign our consumer behavior. Protecting our environment has long been insufficient. That is why the SeaAirCompany Environment develops healing projects!

Only together can we succeed in pulling the emergency brake with many other measures. Not for the environment, but for the environment and that worldwide! Please consider the reaction time and the braking distance that we have in front of us. So become a member today and get involved today!


Become an active or passive member and help us all in a sheltered,

peaceful world can follow our vocations happily and healthily >>>


Plan and implement environmental healing company strategies with the inclusion of cultural projects with SeaAirCompany


Strategies for Environment Healing Projects - Public Call!

The SeaAirCompany is one of the first actors to actually tender the topic of marine protection, coastal protection, climate protection, environmental protection as an environmentally healing cultural project for a referendum. We are happy to advise public bodies, municipalities through to government circles, parties, corporations and people in public life on ways to actively participate in order to give the faded issue of the environment a new meaning.

The SeaAirCompany is your partner with whom you can competently and reliably plan and implement environmentally healing strategies including cultural projects. This opens up completely new perspectives for them in private and business terms.


We would be happy to advise you: Your scientific advisory board

Talk to us as a friend of your home and form a strong solidarity community with the SeaAirCompany!



News & Partnerlinks

Life is wilder than you think - an evening with Nick Wilder as a livestream event

Nick Wilder 

Freitag 07.05.2021 um 20:00 Uhr

Breite Str. 13
23769 Fehmarn

Tickets ab 17,70 €








The SeaAirCompany is a new 

environmental organization

This gives you the opportunity to become an ambassador.

As an ambassador, you are authorized to perform administrative and representative tasks on behalf of the environmental organization SeaAirCompany. If you feel called to actively participate, simply apply to us!  To apply, click on the picture


The SeaAirCompany | Partner of the ministries of education


Digital teaching in 2004 at the Frankfurt Book Fair

School lessons with young and old at the Frankfurt Book Fair. That was and is unique. With SeaAirCompany the impossible becomes possible! The aim was to capture the stories of the older generation for the younger generation. To connect young and old. This is still at the top of our agenda today!


Visit the SeaAirCompany archive - get to know us!



The SeaAirCompany is an expert and appraiser

Expert - expert for construction planning, construction of buildings for structural engineering, environmental protection, coastal protection, climate protection, port facilities, etc.

Expert - expert in steel and metal construction, plant construction, shipbuilding, facades, windows, doors, escape routes, fire protection

Expert - expert for event management, event security, coordinator

Event security

TÜV-Nord certified event manager / risk analysis

Member of the Federal Association of German Experts and Specialists e.V.



The SeaAirCompany is buying land members link and lake areas

Create habitats (worldwide)

As an active partner to public bodies and industrial companies, we are committed to an intact environment. We revitalize purchased land and lake areas and give them back with an open calculation and appraisal since the takeover. This is an example of environmental healing projects.




Link zu SeminarenLink zu SeminarenClear the stage for environmentally healing projects   Our invitation to participate

The SeaAirCompany is not only an actor, but also an animator of an environmentally conscious citizenry. Where this awareness can be (re) awakened, the SeaAirCompany offers cultural and art staged entertainment concepts, as well as seminars and documentaries as environmental recipes. To stage this kind of environment-healing projects close to the citizens should revitalize the topic of the environment and encourage participation.



Intact environment - healthy people?

The environmental organization SeaAirCompany sees itself as an ambassador of a constantly changing creation that seeks understanding. Creation means a temporary overall construct in which the human being takes his place independently in freedom and peace. Thus, it is legitimate to keep the natural environment in function in such a way that the human part enters into a harmonious synthesis with the other parts of the overall construct. Get active! Your SeaAirCompany




SAC -            understanding the environment

Can we really understand the environment with an abstract science? Is there more between people and the environment? The SeaAirCompany asked itself this question, with the result of introducing a mystical nuance. Under the project name Elbnix we want to address people who feel a spiritual connection between people and nature. Mystical nuances are the media of the future! Elbnix culture brings companies, people and nature together!


An intact and healed environment

is worth gold !

A SAC currency as a change?

The green / blue currency of the SAC supports healing processes of the environment, whereby the actual state of an environmental situation is not the normal case, but the case of damage.

The concept of the SAC currency is in the preliminary planning.



Dear parents,

dear grandpa, dear grandma,

dear relatives & neighbors,

dear governments, corporations and big banks


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Your environmental experience brands for a new understanding of the environment


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Our topic in 2024  SeaAirCompany International  Aid projects for Africa







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