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 Wyh ???



Thank you dear adults for the world that you have created for us children and young people. Because after all, we should have it better than you. Thanks !!!


There's something else. Just a little note here:

Plastic waste is just one area of ​​lack of precaution. Worldwide garbage, toxic tourism, insufficient storage of nuclear fuel rods, disposal of rotor blades and components of wind power plants are further companions of a sustainability policy. Electromobility is only really sustainable in the colorful image advertisements. Dealing with resources and the lack of recycling solutions speak a different language. It seems that sustainability only works where individuals or small communities plan and implement.

We don't even want to talk about hydrogen policy. Is it sustainable to build hydrogen factories in desert regions where green electricity is available but the last drops of groundwater are being exploited? Long, energy-consuming transport routes are not even mentioned. Other solutions sound good, but aren't really better!

Politicians have to be credited with the fact that the aim is to keep an economy alive. Lobbyists then present the governments with green-plastered project solutions that only a few winners seem to know. Or it is simply not thought through to the end of what is decided arbitrarily and started.

As a neutral partner, the SeaAirCompany develops environmentally healing strategies, regardless of those who are responsible for the undesirable developments. With the right, environmentally healing concepts, an international economy can be represented for the benefit of all.

That's why you become a member of the SeaAirCompany. Work on a future worth living for us and future generations.