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SAC currency | The environmental currency as a change (preview)


An intact and healed environment is worth its weight in gold!

A SAC currency as a change?


The green / blue currency of the SAC supports healing processes of the environment, whereby the actual state of an environmental situation is not the normal case, but the case of damage. Care and maintenance of environments are valued less. Culpable and harmful environmental influences as well as natural disasters do not have a direct impact on the stability of this currency. Related environmental healings may not be booked as a profit. A fund helps to heal such environmental situations.



The currency index evaluates mixed tours of trade, indirect and direct participation in the healing processes, vitalization of the environment. Water, energy production, efficiency, mineral resources, food and nature experiences. An important part of a rating is the individual value of life for people. Since everything sustainable should be based on give and take, the willingness of the population to help shape this system is an important point that is taken into account through a neutral assessment.

The municipalities and administrations support this currency in that these municipalities, cities and states issue and manage these currencies and book the results achieved. It is a decentralized currency policy that supports regions that are innovative, sustainable, and proactive for an intact environment and its evident use, resource-conserving and profitable. The currency is valid worldwide, recorded centrally and marketable. Supraregional and international environmental healing projects are treated separately and flow into the economic and monetary system via the central recording.

In contrast to crypto currencies, the stability of the SAC currency is linked to the increasing added value of environmentally healing projects and usage syntheses.

A supervisory and inspection committee monitors the handling. The SAC is the initiator and acts in an advisory capacity with its scientific advisory board and board of trustees.


The SAC currency concept is in the preliminary planning.

Experts from the worlds of business and finance examine, complete and refine the SAC concept. Changes and adjustments to existing currency systems serve to ensure compatibility with current and future currency and market situations.